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We offer the logical solution with landfill-biodegradable and recyclable plastic products. Some of our
products are made from either 50% or 100% recycled plastic. They can be reused, most can be
recycled, and it all biodegrades into organic matter producing a natural fertiliser (and no microplastics).

Stretch Wrap
Packaging & Warehouse
Silage Wrap
Bale Wrap
Bale Net
Shrink Wrap
Timber Wrap
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The logical choice for your everyday plastic products

We believe if single-use plastic must be used then it should be made to be recyclable or to biodegrade where it
will be disposed of – in a landfill, commercial or home compost facility.

Landfill-Biodegradable Explained ‘From our Partners at Biogone’


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Explore the network of environmentally conscious organizations collaborating with us to promote sustainable practices. Discover how we’re working together to enhance recycling initiatives, reduce waste, and contribute to a greener future.