Biowrap plastic uses a proprietary organic additive to make our plastics landfill-biodegradable whilst still being recyclable where recycle facitities exist. This means that the plastics will decompose under typical landfill environmental conditions up to 90%  faster than traditional plastics (years to decades not centuries) which have an indefinite life span.

The biodegradation only begins when the plastic is exposed to a microbe rich environment such as in a modern municiple landfill. The additive attracts microbes to the plastic and they start to digest it.   As they do this, the enzymes the microbes secrete cause the plastic polymer molecules to breakdown into non plastic intermediates, which the microbes can then begin to digest them too producing a humus-like material (organic matter that cannot break down any further) which is a natural plant fertilizer.

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Biowrap plastics retain all the great performance features of traditional plastics. The biodegradable plastic additive sits alongside the existing molecular chain of the plastic and does not compromise on the original features the plastics are purposed for.

There are no special storage conditions, no shelf
life and most importantly – NO microplastics.

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Biowrap plastics integrate directly into your current processes and ensure you are making the right environmental choice. It can be used on all the usual applications such as residential and commercial construction, marine, packaging and agriculture. The biodegradable plastic additive used is safe and in fact, food grade packaging film made with the additive is USFDA compliant for food contact applications.

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