Green Shrink Wrap


Biowrap’s Green Shrink Wrap can be used as a surface protection and/or waterproofing solution for Building, Marine, Large Scale Machinery and general storage options. If our wrap is not recycled (which is our first preference) and is disposed of to modern landfill, biodegradation is accelerated approximately 90% faster than conventional plastic, producing organic matter (a natural fertiliser) and no microplastics, providing a smart and sustainable solution to shrink wrap waste. For further information, click here.

  • Thickness: 230 micron & 250 micron
  • Colour: Green Exterior / White Interior
  • Carton: 1 Roll
  • Size: 12m x 30m
  • Roll weight: 89kg
  • Characteristics: 12 months UV resistant, Non flame retardant
  • Indefinite shelf-life, same as conventional shrink wrap
  • Shrinkage Rate: TD: 10-20% MD:45-65%
  • Plastic type: LDPE
  • Check with your local council or recycling plant if shrink wrap can be recycled with their other soft plastics or contact us for further recycling information. Our additive does not affect the recycling process.
  • Biodegradation will only begin once disposed of to a modern landfill.