Pallet Caps – Biodegradable

$117.60 Excl. GST

Landfill-biodegradable pallet caps can be used to protect your items during transit, can be recycled with other soft plastics or disposed of in the general rubbish bin to go to a modern landfill. Once it is in a modern landfill,  biodegradation is accelerated approximately 90% faster than conventional plastic pallet caps, producing an organic matter (a natural fertiliser) and no microplastics. For further information click here.

  • Colour: Clear/Slightly frosted
  • Carton: 250 caps in each carton
  • Size: 1700mm x 1700mm
  • Thickness: 20 micron
  • Application: Perfect for covering and protecting pallets
  • Made with 50% post-industrial recycled plastic
  • Recyclable: where facilities exist